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1. Conditions, Requierments and Benefits

Conditions for Partners:

  1. Long-term Commitment: Partners must commit to collaborating with SensAI on long-term mental health initiatives. This entails a consistent dedication to contributing to the emotional and mental well-being of individuals.

  2. Ethical and Legal Compliance: We require strict compliance with all applicable ethical, legal, and privacy regulations. Partners must ensure the protection of data and user confidentiality in all interactions.

  3. Commitment to Continuous Improvement: Partners must commit to providing valuable feedback on SensAI's functionality and assist in identifying areas for improvement. This involves active collaboration in the evolution and refinement of the tool.

  4. Periodic Performance Review: We establish processes for periodic reviews to assess the impact and alignment of partners with SensAI's objectives. This ensures that the collaboration is effective and mutually beneficial.


Requirements to Become a Partner:

  1. Organizations and Associations: Candidates must demonstrate a proven track record of significant contributions in the field of mental health or artificial intelligence. Additionally, they must have a strong infrastructure and dedicated resources for collaboration with SensAI.

  2. Universities: Universities should have an active focus on research related to mental health or artificial intelligence. Furthermore, they should have teams and experts available in these fields for collaborative projects.

  3. Governments: Governments must present a clear and measurable plan to address and promote mental health within their jurisdiction. This includes the allocation of resources and the implementation of policies in line with SensAI's objectives.

  4. All Partners must provide a letter of support, endorsement, and intent to work together with Sandac and SensAI.

  5. All accepted SensAI Partners agree to the use of their logo and name for inclusion in media, blogs, social media, websites, presentations, and other communication channels.

Benefits for the Partner:

General Benefits:

  1. Showcasing Achievements and Vision: Partners gain recognition for their contribution to promoting mental health and emotional well-being. This includes the opportunity to highlight achievements and long-term vision in the field.

  2. Formal Recognition Program: SensAI establishes a formal recognition program with specific criteria. Partners must meet these criteria to maintain their status and receive ongoing recognition.

  3. Participation in Impactful Projects: Partners have the opportunity to participate in awareness campaigns and high-impact projects related to mental health. This allows for meaningful collaboration and the promotion of the cause.

  4. Access to Metrics and Analytics: Partners have access to detailed reports and metrics to measure the impact of collaboration. This facilitates tracking progress and goal achievement.


For Mental Health Professionals:

  1. Continuing Education and Development: Active participation in ongoing training and development in relevant areas of mental health and technology is required. This ensures that services are of high quality and comply with ethical standards.

  2. Recommendation in the Application: Mental health professionals have the opportunity to be recommended within the SensAI application. This is based on criteria such as the number of users served and patient satisfaction levels.

  3. Access to Professional Features: Partners have access to specific professional features of SensAI that enhance patient care and support.

  4. Local and Global Recognition: Partners are invited to events, conferences, and other opportunities for local and global recognition in the field of mental health.

For Universities:

  1. Collaborative Research: Universities can participate in large-scale collaborative research addressing important issues in mental health and technology.

  2. Additional Resources: University partners have access to additional resources, such as research grants or funds for specific projects.

  3. Review and Monitoring: A formal review and monitoring process for joint research projects is established to ensure quality and goal compliance.

Sandac reserves the right to modify, add, or change the conditions, requirements, and benefits for its partners. These agreements will be governed by the laws of the respective country.

2.Application to Become a Partner:

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Acceptance of Legal Requirements*

To learn more about our legal requirements, policies, terms of use, and others, please refer to our Legal Portal.

Acceptance of Usage Policies*

Sandac may use the logo and the names of organizations accepted as SensAI Partners. Sandac and SensAI may use this information in media, blogs, social media, websites, presentations, among others.

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