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Santiago Carvajal

Founder of Sandac, expert in web design 3 and project management, . Verified creator in the Sandbox metaverse and a member of the Microsoft Startup Hub. Participated in Colombia's first Forbes Connect as a pioneering creator of Artificial Intelligence, sharing opinions on market trends.

Specialist in providing technological solutions for business development and expansion. Has worked on globally-reaching projects utilizing blockchain, NFTs, and mixed realities in charitable foundations, environmental companies, and the fashion industry, where they serve as an official creator at RTFKT, creators of Nike's digital sneakers and artifacts.

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Juan Carvajal

I worked with the government for 3 years, where I had the opportunity to acquire valuable skills as an analyst and process leader. This experience led me to become a part of Sandac, a business development and consulting company.

At Sandac, I was able to put my skills as a web3 developer and alchemy creator into practice, working on exciting and challenging projects. I have also had the opportunity to work on large-scale projects, which has allowed me to develop my skills as a leader and project manager.

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Bayron Hernández

Since 2019, I have been a cryptocurrency trader and investor, achieving impressive results through my strategic and analytical approach. As a Chainlink Ambassador, I aim to generate knowledge about the unlimited possibilities of technology in traditional and emerging businesses, and help others transform their companies through the use of technology. My visionary, futuristic, and adventurous soul drives me to continue exploring and discovering all that the world of technology has to offer in the future.

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Irene López

Irene Lopez have 19 years of experience in the communication field in Europe, North America and South America, both in mass media and public relations. Since 2012 she leads Olé Communication founded in Miami to handle promotions in the industries of Entertainment, Blockchain, Lifestyle, Goverment and Non Profit. She belong to the Hispanic Society of Public Relations and is member of The Latin Recording Academy.

She works with celebrities, singers, actors, designers, coaches, writers, politics, etc.  Highlights include the organization of red carpets, new business openings,  international conventions, events and brands.  In the field of music she  worked on global campaigns 

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Developing with a huge team of creators, marketers and talent

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